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Continued research in Rovinj


Archaeologists from the International Center for Underwater Archeology from Zadar came to Rovinj again in October 2021, to continue their research as part of the multi-year project "Rovinj Shipwrecks". The last few research campaigns were dedicated to the Roman shipwreck from the end of the 1st century, which is located near the island of Sestrice. The research has been carried out for many years in cooperation with the Bavarian Society for Underwater Archeology. The Rovinj City Museum, the Rovinj Underwater Activities Club and the Rovinj Fire Brigade have joined the research. In addition to the research, a course in underwater archeology according to the NAS system was organized this year for the citizens of Rovinj. The introductory course was completed by about twenty people, and the first module by nine applicants. Explorations of the Rovinj seabed will continue next year.



Nastavljena istraživanja u Rovinju

Nastavljena istraživanja u Rovinju



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