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Continuing exploration of ancient harbor Barbir in Sukosan and conducting of theBasic underwater archeology course

During 2019, underwater excavation and documentation of the ancient port of Barbir in Sukošan continued.The explorations resulted in the completion of the excavations of Trench 1 and 2, within which a cross section of the structure of the ancient pier was obtained. During this sessson, new excavations within the port itself were initiated.

During the underwater archeological excavation of the ancient port at Barbir in Sukošan near Zadar, a two-week Basic Underwater Archeology Course was organized and conducted by the International Center for Underwater Archeology in Zadar.  This unique training course was organized in collaboration with the German Archeological Institute (Deutsches Archäologisches Institute), the University of Oxford (University of Oxford, Global History of Capitalism Project, Oxford Center for Global History) and Archaeological Museum in Zadar. In addition to the lectures that were held by the ICUA team, Roman Scholz (DAI), Elisabeth Briggs (Oxford ), Dino Daras (AMZd), and Paola Gomez Barletta (UNESCO) discussed the different approaches to exploring underwater cultural heritage. Part of the team were and Andreas Grundmann, Vinka Milišić and Marko Lete,the drone shooting was done by Maja Grgurić from the Department of Archeology from the University of Zadar, and technical assistance in diving and logistics was provided by Saša Stipanić from Zadar Sub and Đani Iglić from diving club Sv. Roko.

The education program as well as archaeological research were funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. The diverse team of course participants was comprised of eight young archaeologists from 4 continents; Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Europe. Representatives of China (Ying Ying Yan), Thailand (Napat Piromrak), Egypt (Yomna Osman), Australia (Jaime Lee Swift), Romania (Tiberiu Potarniche), Serbia (Đorđe Cvetković), Poland (Urszula Ostaszewska) and Wales (Ioan Huw Espley) were selected from this year's 40 applications.  Participants undertook several important diving exercises to prepare for the course, as well as for future work on underwater archeological sites. Students practiced the basics of 2D and 3D documentation on land and under the sea, underwater photogrammetry, they were introduced to the methods of excavation of underwater cultural heritage using a water pump and water dredge, as well as basic boat operations and operations with Side scan sonar.


barbir 2019

barbir 2019





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