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Croatian-Polish cooperation on underwater research in Nin

In the period from October 14th to 18th, the first campaign of underwater archaeological exploration of the Nin area was conducted. MCPA Zadar's underwater archaeologists conducted this research in cooperation with Polish colleagues from the University of Nicolaus Copernicus from Toruń. The students of the University of Toruń are: Filip Nalaksowski, Alicja Bieniek, Mciej Rzad, Kamila Kociszewska, Jan Jarosz, Michal Gliszczynski, and they were led by Professor Ph.D. Andrzej Pydyn and Pawel Stencel of the newly founded Center for Underwater Archeology in Torun.
This international team of experts has begun the research of archeological site that was discovered more than 50 years ago by the late Prof. Ph.D. Zdenko Brusić, and although it was a great wish of the late professor, no archaeological research has been conducted on it since its discovery. The site is located near the Ždrijac peninsula and is characterized by numerous fragments of interesting medieval roof tile of imbrex and tegulae, which are characterized by significantly smaller dimensions than classical Roman tegulae. Along with them, a large number of corroded nails were found, which could reach the seafloor as cargo or as part of the ship's construction, but conclusion can be made only after a more detailed analysis of the findings.
The excavation was also condacted in the area along the channel leading to the Nin lagoon, at the Usta (mouth) position. In the 1960s, the remains of two medieval Croatian Kondura boats (Condura Croatica), were found. This year’s research identified numerous wooden pylons at this site, which are believed to have been a part of the Nin port blocking system.


Hrvatsko-poljska suradnja u Ninu

Hrvatsko-poljska suradnja u Ninu





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