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The underwater archaeologist of the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar have conducted an archaeological survey of the seabed of the Nečujam Bay on the island of Šolta during the period from May 03 to May 07 2021.

Moreover, the additional physical protection has been placed on the shipwreck in the Potkamenica Cove. This year participants on the project were: Maja Kaleb, Roko Surić, Luka Bekić and Ivan Vidulić of the ICUA Zadar, and a diver Marko Hranilović. "SeaHelp" - nautical breakdown service provided logistical support for the transport of sandbags on the site, with Božo Orepić at the helm, whom we thank kindly. The Nečujam Bay, in which the Potkamenica Cove is also located, is a very convenient bay for anchoring and shelter for ships that was used as such through history, as well as today. The shipwreck is located near the coastline on no more than 5 m of depth and is susceptible ili (vulnerable) to damage.

Last year the site was already found in a devastated state due to anchor pulling from ships and boats that visit Nečujam. Hence this year a particular attention was given to the additional protection of the ship's wooden construction, which would also be ecologically sustainable and considerate to the marine environment. At the end of last year's research campaign, the site was protected with backfilling of double layers of sand, a layer of geotextile and rocks. This year protection was placed in the form of jute bags filled with sand. The sand bags were put along the borders of the excavated trenches and over geotextile which covers the ship's construction so as to protect additionally its wooden elements. The realisation of a ban of further anchoring on the site is currently underway, which would mean that the shipwreck remains are physically and legally protected in the course of two years of the implementation of the project. Furthermore, a plan of making a permanent physical protection with a presentational character is in motion.



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