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Basic course


During the period from 31 August to 10 September 2021, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar organized a Basic Underwater Archaeology Course as part of the archaeological research of a post-medieval ballast pile in Brbinj on the island of Dugi Otok at the Pod Narat site. The course consists of a theoretical and a practical part, and the goal is for young scientists from all over the world to acquire basic theoretical and practical knowledge about techniques and methods of researching underwater cultural heritage. Participants in this year's two-week course are Rigert Cako (Albania), Asmaa Elsayed (Egypt), Alexandra Tyas (England), and Ordanche Petrov (Northern Macedonia).


During the first week, the participants of the course mastered buoyancy and navigation diving specialties according to the SSI association in order to prepare well for underwater archaeological excavation. Of course, this was preceded by daily lectures by instructors at ICUA Zadar in the form of presenting the structure of ICUA and underwater cultural heritage of Croatia, and practical exercises on land and under the sea. Having acquired the skills of finding and positioning the site, great attention was given to the process of documenting archaeological finds using several fixed points, measuring tapes, and a compass.


Simultaneously with the course, the participants for the second week participated in a systematic archaeological excavation at the archaeological site Pod Narat in the bay of Lučina in Brbinj on Dugi Otok. The focus of this year's research was on the excavation of a modern ballast pile, where they were part of all methodological excavation activities, from setting up a metal grid and collecting archaeological finds, to working with a water pump and water dredges, as well as meticulous documentation of the findings.


We would like to thank and congratulate our dear participants on the successful completion of the course. We believe that with the newly acquired knowledge and skills they will influence the research of underwater cultural heritage in their respective countries and we look forward to their future professional steps.




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