Naslovnica Tečajevi Call for Applications: Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course 2015
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Call for Applications: Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course 2015


1.  Introduction

The International Centre for Underwater Archaeology (ICUA), category 2 centre under the auspices of UNESCO, in Zadar, is launching its fourth Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course. It will last 2 weeks and will take place in the Pula area, Croatia, from 14 to 26 September 2015.

The course will consist of theoretical and practical (hands on) instruction in techniques of underwater archaeological excavation, recording, data processing and the use of new technologies in underwater documentation. Archaeologists from the ICUA and guest lecturers will conduct theoretical lessons, supplemented by optional courses in speciality diving, in line with the requirements of the SSI or PADI system. Practical instruction will take place in the context of underwater archaeological surveys of ancient shipwrecks in the area surrounding Pula and will teach participants what it means to be part of an underwater archaeological excavation team.

The course is aimed at archaeologists who have diving experience and at least some basic experience of practical underwater archaeology. It is designed to provide participants with advanced skills and training in underwater archaeology and basic project planning.


2.    Participants
The course will accept a maximum of 4 trainees.
Expected profile of participants: archaeologists (including researchers, or university students enrolled in graduate level degrees) with diving experience, possibly underwater archaeology experience, who intend to qualify as members of underwater archaeological teams. Participants must be proficient in English, as it is the working language of the course.


3.  Participation costs
The price of the underwater archaeology course is 1 000,00 Euro. Selected applicants will receive included in the price of the course:
Accommodation (board and lodging) for the duration of the course

  • Local transfers to the training sites
  • Nautical Archaeological Society manual
  • UNESCO manual on CD
  • Rented diving equipment (tanks and weights)
  • Insurance against diving accidents and injury
  • SSI / PADI manual (optional)
  • SSI / PADI Diving Certificates (optional)
  • ICUA certificate of attendance and successful completion of the course
  • ICUA T-shirt & cap

Selected applicants will not receive:

  • reimbursement or contributions for their travel to/from Zadar
  • any daily allowance or other forms of additional financial support during the course.


4.  Tentative Programme

Scheduled activities will include a two-week (14 to 26 September 2015) course on underwater archaeology. The theoretical part of the course will be held in a diving centre in the Pula area, whereas practical lessons will take place at the ancient shipwrecks near Ližnjan. Lectures will be conducted based on the ICUA course curriculum for underwater archaeology. As part of their on-site training, all participants will take part in archaeological excavation of the ancient shipwrecks as members of a team, and will gain practical experience in working with different types of underwater surveillance technology. At the end of the course, participants will receive an official ICUA certificate of successful course completion.

Lectures on underwater archaeology will be conducted in Ližnjan County hall every morning from 08:30-10:30 as follows:

  • Marina Šimičić, ICUA: Introduction to the conservation of underwater finds
  • Mladen Pešić, ICUA: Amphorae in an archaeological context
  • Luka Bekić, ICUA: Research and publication of project results
  • Josip Višnjić, HRZ: Postmedieval pottery finds in the Adriatic
  • Mladen Pešić, ICUA: 3D survey and computer post processing of data with Site Recorder
  • guest lecturers
  • Miran Erič, ZVKDS: Methods and Techniques of Underwater Documentation: New Challenges

It will also be possible to obtain additional training in diving. The optional courses will be conducted in English, in line with the SSI or PADI methodology. Participants will also be able to attend a specialised course (Night diving, Boat diving, Navigation, Wreck diving, Deep diving, Nitrox). Both theoretical and practical courses will be conducted by SSI/PADI certified instructors. Participants completing one of these courses will receive an official SSI/PADI Certificate.
Mandatory practical exercises in underwater archaeology will be conducted on a daily basis, with participants divided into groups of two or four, on the following topics:

 Logistical organization of personal and team equipment

  • Basic boat operations
  • Use of water pump and hoses
  • Underwater use of water dredge in a trench excavation
  • Underwater photographic documentation of a trench and a site
  • Packing, labelling and transport of finds
  • Underwater drawn documentation and post-processing of data
  • Practical use of Site Recorder computer programme for documenting of the site
  • Area survey with use of a boat mounted side scan sonar

Upon completing the course, trainees are expected to have acquired the necessary skills to work independently on any of the tasks covered by the programme. In addition, participants will be required to sit for a final exam (consisting of 18 questions) in order to obtain the official ICUA Advanced Underwater Archaeology Certificate.


5.  Requirements

  • university degree (minimum undergraduate) in archaeology or related fields
  • basic scuba diving knowledge (SSI OWD/ CMAS R1 or equivalent)
  • some practical experience of underwater archaeology
  • a medical certificate ensuring fitness for diving, not older than 1 year
  • be at least 18 years old
  • experience in archaeology and/or management and preservation of underwater archaeological sites will be considered an asset


6.    Application

  • Applicants should send to ICUA the following documents, no later than 14th August 2015, 12am:
  • Curriculum Vitae (on Europass CV template)
  • copy of the diving card
  • valid diving medical certificate
  • diving insurance

Applications and accompanying documents must be sent per email in electronic form to ICUA Zadar (to the attention of Mr. Mladen Pešić, Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili JavaScript )